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Bukhara Tour

300$ / Day

- "Ancient Bukhara" - visiting the main sights of the city, including the Ark fortress, the Poikolon Complex, Lyabi Hauz, the Kalian Complex, the Bolduk Mosque, Magoki-Attari and much more.

- "Khan's Palaces" - a tour of the palace complexes of Sitorai Mokhi Khosa, Ivan Kalyan, Arkoncha, Chakhodzhi Kalyan and others.

Samarkand Tour

300$ / Day

- "Golden City" - inspection of the main celebrities of the city, such as the Registan, Shakhi-Zinda, Gur-Emir, Ulugbekov Observatory, and many others.

- "Ancient City" - visits to archaeological sites such as Afrosiab, Ugerchishte, Mergyan and Rabat-Malik.

Khiva Tour

300$ / Day

- "Khivan fortress" - visiting the fortification located on the Gijduvan fortress, as well as an excursion to the city museum, Muhammad Amin Mosque, Khan's palaces, Kunya Ark and other attractions.

- "Silk Road" - a camel ride in the city desert, a journey through the sands and a visit to Hohnok dun.

Kashkadarya Tour

300$ / Day

- "City of Craftsmen" - visiting workshops where ceramics, carpets, leather products, jewelry and other local products are created.

- "Природные чудеса" - поездка в горы Устурт, поход в Падишах гежа, посещение водопадов Гува, экскурсия в пустыню Кызылкум.

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