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Travel Wings bring travellers to experience Central Asia and the Caucasus in a unique way through unparalleled access and insights into a world steeped in history and at the crossroads of modernity. Hundreds of tours over two decades continue to affirm how excellent service and organisation attracts people from all around the world to discover these ancient lands, often to return again.

Our identity as a company has not changed: we believe sustainable and community-based tourism brings a viable future and livelihood to many here, while people-based experiences of the land and culture are what visitors treasure the most when coming with us. We create unforgettable trips for groups of all sizes with diverse needs. Working with our long-term and experienced partners on the ground in all the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, we constantly strive to improve with every adventure to places old and new.

In addition to customised private tours, we also offer our classic tours that are open to smaller groups or individuals wishing to join regular departures. Our group tours have no more than 16 people on each trip so that the experience remains closely personal and beautifully unforgettable for every individual. 

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